The previous Breath of Heaven Retreat was created to provide a sacred space for members of Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF).  The property it was on has now been sold and the vision to create a new larger retreat began in 2011.

The new retreat grounds include a 34 acre macadamia nut farm and fruit orchards (Waihee Farm). Neighboring the farm is a 500 acre and a 1,000 acre farm, forest preserve and wilderness. This gem of serene solitude will be soon offered to SRF members, family and friends for rest, renewal and healing of body, mind and spirit.

Retreat Property Features

  1. Views of ocean, Haleakala Crater and West Maui mountains

  2. Isolated: Almost mile in on private road

  3. Quiet with only sound of tropical birds and ocean

  4. 4 mile quiet beach right below us (No surfboards, kite or windsurfing since this is a diving beach)

  5. Less than 10 minutes away from jungle streams and great hikes to waterfalls (Waihee and Iao Valley pools pictured above to the right just a short drive away)

  6. Cleanest air on Maui (perhaps even in the world, great for pranayama exercises)

  7. Poison/chemical free environment

  8. Healing gourmet meals, mostly raw vegan with organic  home or Maui grown produce or supervised juice fasting and cleansing (additional fee, menu available on request)

  9. Appointments with a Master massage therapist also available

  10. Private yoga classes available for additional fee in private on site studio (teacher with 50 years experience).

October 2016 Update

Breath of Heaven Sustainable Living Center (How-to-Live School) Organic Farm & Retreat is a completely off the grid project being developed by a Kriyaban from Encinitas. The project is situated on 34 acres of mature macadamia nut groves in Waihee, Maui, Hawaii. It is located on the mountain [at 400 foot elevation] overlooking the ocean nestled in surrounding acres of macadamia nut groves. It is the best farming area in the state because of the rare balance of weather (not too hot and not too wet or dry), and the deep, rich 7 feet of top soil. 

It is no surprise that this was previously the land reserved by the King of Hawaii for himself when he divided up Maui for his subjects. We have experienced the healing power of this area first hand with many our fruit trees producing abundantly in just their first year, i.e. star fruit, Meyer lemon, and papaya.  We are in one of the most pristine and quiet areas on Maui even though we are only about 10 minutes from the Whole Foods and Maui’s major shopping. Above us is the largest forest preserve in the state of Hawaii.  

We started with having to machete a path into the 10 feet tall cane grass that had overtaken the abandoned macadamia nut groves. The first attempts at developing this vision were just tents and water buckets for getting water from the diverted stream water that runs through the center of the property. Through enough miracles to fill a book ( which we will be publishing under the title Shockingly Good) , we now have two nice living areas,  a 44 panel large solar power plant and our own water with 2 gravity feed solar hot water systems. We have planted over 150 fruit trees and a large vegetable and herb garden. We have 3 large male security dogs, Hanuman, Ram & Nani, who respect and protect our residents and as well as the chickens. The plan is to continue filling in areas of our macadamia nut grove that are missing trees with more and more variety of fruit and nut trees. We even have an organic cotton tree which is quite interesting to see.

The “girls [chickens]” eat out of our hands and give about dozen eggs a day. We have already been selling our surplus Kobotcha pumpkins, apple bananas, strawberry papayas, guava, passion fruit, turmeric and okra to local stores and neighbors. After years of the preparation and clearing of our groves, approximately 46,000 lbs of wet macadamia nuts (which means raw and still in the husk and shell) are harvested each year by our neighbor in exchange for his maintaining of our fields. Fortunately for us, he has a world class macadamia nut processing plant on his 1,000 acre property just to the north of us. Although we do not yet make money, the nut sales are a critical step for our project since this establishes us as a working farm which is a requirement for securing future building permits on agriculturally zoned land. 

We have two 700+ sq foot construction trailers that currently serve as our base on the land. The lower farm center now has its own water tank, solar hot water system, back up propane hot water, and outside shower and screened kitchen and soon its own solar power (currently it is powered by the upper solar system). The farm center trailer has now been partially remodeled. In addition we now have three 20 foot carports with deck floors that hold 3 room stand-up tents to house work trade helpers. We are currently designing and planting the meditation gardens but need help with this from someone with both a devotee heart and landscape and drainage experience. Unfortunately no retreat guest accommodations have been built yet. We have decided that we will be using the one Bali Hut (we have a deposit of $10K paid on but need an additional $12K to pay for the other half) for a small meditation temple in the meditation gardens.   For pictures of this beautiful structure please go to:

We have decided to use earth bag construction methods for all future construction projects so they are hurricane proof. Since Maui imports all its building materials, we felt we needed to be an example of a more sustainable building method and one thing we have plenty of is dirt. Our plan is to host an experienced instructor in earth bag construction and allow others on Maui to join in who have contacted us interested in helping on a project in order to learn this construction method.

Road work to pave the .71 mile of driveway is our current priority.  This development is all in Master’s time since estimates are in the $80,000 range.  In addition to paving  we have a seasonal runoff that crosses the driveway which will require about a 9 foot culvert to be safe to make it safe to cross during rains. We also need money to gravel around the trailers since the duality of our amazing 7 feet of topsoil is incredibly deep mud when it rains.

We have the design for a large 10 bedroom, 6 bath farm residence which will serve as additional guest bedrooms and baths in phase two. This residence will be located directly below the meditation gardens and alawai (water way) of continually flowing water from the nearby Waihee River that runs through the middle of the property.  

We have 3 ALL electric vehicles. There are 2 Polaris ATV’s for the farm with dump truck beds on the back, and a 2013 Nissan Leaf electric car for trips to town. It is great to drive on sunlight since the "fuel" is charging with sunlight coming directly from our solar power plant. We now have a John Deere 26 HP tractor and are looking for a tiller and mowing deck for it. We also have a  new riding mower which helps considerably with all the grass that grows a foot a week. We have just purchased a 1997 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 truck to replace the one that left with our co-founder when he abruptly left the project for what he believed were greener pastures.

Our non-profit , Breath of Heaven Sustainable Living Center, Inc  has its 501-c3 tax exempt status so we can now receive donations for our project.

Right now we need construction help with building out the lower farm trailer inside kitchen and bathroom. That will involve installing windows cabinets and counter top, a bathtub and tile enclosure for the inside bathroom and more secure stairs and railings on one of the trailer bedrooms. We also need help with installing the solar power system for the farm center once we can purchase the inverters batteries and panels we will need. We need to install a new irrigation water tank which we already have sitting waiting and need help with setting up a rain catchment system in the farm center. This will make that center almost fully self sustaining weaning it off the utilities from the upper retreat area.

The long term plan is to have the lower farm center operated by men devotees and the upper retreat center run by women devotees.  

Note: We have sold the Kakae home and cottage, so we no longer have those accommodations for guests that were previously shown on this site. It most likely will be sometime in 2017 that we will be able to hosts guests again at the new retreat site; all in Master’s timing of course..  If you have construction skills or landscape and farming skills and would like to come and help us we would love to hear from you. You can also donate to our non-profit which will be most humbly appreciated as the on-going projects require continual funding to move ahead..

For more information, call Megan 808-269-2449 or email her using the “Email Me” link below.


Megan Wells’s books are now available with all proceeds going toward development of the retreat center. The health book, originally entitled Don’t Pollute Your Own Stream, was refined and republished as You’re Not Fat You’re Swollen. This simple book was inspired by Master’s teachings on living a healthy lifestyle combined with 50 years of studying natural hygiene, fasting, diet, detox, and yoga. The second book, Uncommon Common Sense/Practical Spirituality, is a collection of visions, parables and quotes, also inspired through Master’s guidance and grace. One of the favorite quotes from this book is: “The ego wants a permanent state of temporary pleasure.”

Please visit: or buy these on Amazon in either print or e-books. We appreciate the help with building Maui’s beautiful meditation retreat center.

Ocean-view Haven on East Shore of Maui

34 acres in the quietest and pristine area of Maui

My husband and I spent two glorious weeks at Breath of Heaven. This is an idyllic space where one can truly live and practice the teachings of Master.

The accommodation is comfortable and light filled in every way. Megan served us with magnificent Vegan meals.

My experience was truly transformational... Unlike our busy everyday life... we experienced time for long meditations... reading... walking/hiking... swimming and most important of all... stillness.

I would recommend it to all SRF devotees as a place for rejuvenation and renewal.

J. J., Victoria, Australia

A nest of enlightenment. The muse that holds you in your productive slumber.

R.H., Los Angeles writer